Monday, March 24, 2014

Blissed-Out and More Than Satisfied, LP RVU #1∞ Steve Cobby- "Saudade"

If you happen to be looking for an unbiased critique of this record, peace out.  Stop reading.  Disclaimer being: I am a full-frontal ANYTHING Cobby/Fila Brazillia/Pork Recordings Etc. fanatic.  Going on 20 years now in fact.  Oddly (Or perhaps serendipitously), Fila popped into my 18-year old life in 1995.  I won't bore you with how "Transformative" or whatever the whole intro was, but let me say this: I quit drums/Jam Bands/sorta everything actually to connect with this "New music."  Raves twice a weekend... Buying a pair of decks...  It truly was a fun (Extremely dysfunctional) time in New England back then.  For my lot anyway.  But Fila grounded it all.  For me.  They transcended "Electronica" or whateverthefuckyouwannacallit.  Like, it pushed all the right buttons...  I was able to grab my Zappa, Dub, Jazz, Hip Hop, Fusion, Psych, Afrobeat, Drone fix all in one band.  Effortlessly. Never contrived or forced, it was/IS just this pure fucking music that works on all levels.  It is actually brilliant, and I am one hell of a musical twatsnob.  They Changed My Life Bruh (Tears welling).  So pitiful to fanboy this hard, yet so damn true.  At any rate, I have always had a special place for the Cobby solo material in my heart.  Some of my earliest "Early morning bliss-outs" were to those classic Slow Breaky tracks that could help a coke-wank or conversely keep the psychedelia a'brewin'.  For like another two days.
Onto the new LP, I'll keep it short B/C I'm listening to it in-full for the third time today and wanna spliff-out deep with it.  Again.  Classic Cobby.  I will not lie, I feel the Fila Funk alot here.  Perhaps this tick of the nostalgia box biases me further.  I don't really care though, B/C it truly does add to the charm for me.  The music feels familiar, yet (Beware cliche) has advanced...  Not to say it's "Better" or anything, but as recording methods and technological advances continue to be thrown at us at warp speed, the record has a newer, more current depth. It feels a bit different than the older Cobby of yesterwhenevah.  Punchier?  Whatever the subjective aesthetic change I experienced was, it simply leads me to describe this recording as retaining that classic Fila "Lushness" with some added ummpph.  That was audiophile mind-vomit, and for that I sorta apologize.
The sequence of the songs is perfect.  This is an "LP" in the truest sense...  I need to "Do the whole thing" each time it starts.  Which is what I am about to do now, again, and probably forever.  The synths worm and soothe simultaneously, the beats evolve with the organic/synthetic elements meshing to the point of no longer knowing nor caring what is happening in the recording process...  Best enjoyed on really good loudspeakers in a smoked-out room.  Which for me is every great album.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Broken Machine Films

Tomorrow you will see the wizardry of BMF.  Josh, the man in charge, is not only a tech phenom with amazing skills and an ability to do things I have never seen before with video, but a super nice guy.  That goes a long way these days...  Talent and coolness!!  I particularly respect his ability to do so many different things w/in his work, it's always a very cerebral and intoxicating visual "Waterfall" of sorts.  He shoots live performances with a great eye as well.  I wanted to share his info preemptively:  We Love You Bro, Let's Do More!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep 'em in mind!!!!!!
PS: Odd Nosdam Vid Premiere 2morrow