Thursday, January 22, 2015

FBR003, LMTD TO 50, Walter Gross & M.O.B. Split / Preorders Up

Moving quickly, these cassettes...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

In with the old, out with the new? Who Cares, It's 2015!

Our shitty little outfit is still alive, sorry all.
April will mark the one-year anniversary of our first 12", FBR001.
2014 was a good first year, especially considering all of the obstacles encountered, and it seems we have found our footing...  2015 looks to be planned more meticulously, to have a more frequent release schedule, and sees all of us, friends and family in the US and abroad, TOURING & PLAYING SHOWS!!  Additionally, many FBR people and extended fam have alot of music coming out all over the place, honored...

2014 Recap: FBR001, Lmtd To 300/No Repress, was a ton of fun.  A cosmic intervention allowed us to basically release several of our favorite artists on one slab of wax... Zackey Force Funk (Volcom, Hit&Run), Odd Nosdam (Anticon), Ceschi (Fake Four, Inc.), Benito, Morbidly-O-Beats, MJC.  There are still some 12"s floating around:

We somehow managed to put together three events in a short period, working with artists from Stone's Throw to Load Records...  Fun stuff, time to get back to writing/the label/touring.

We started our digital series recently as well.  The most recent, FBD003, is by Zha.  Members Hannah Mickunas and MJC.  Oddly, one of the tracks off their EP made it into the first Bandcamp Weekly of 2015...

Enough with all that though...  our third physical release, FBR003, drops in a few weeks...  Walter Gross and Morbidly-O-Beats split-cassette.  Face-melter fo' sho' we hope!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The End & The Beginning... FBR 2014 & 2015 Is Amazeballs

A lot of stuff is actually happening, so I will show you what's up...

* First off, our first night at Aurora Providence is coming up quick!  What a great system, badass subs, lovely venue.  Let's Rock Out, Check Genres At The Door. 12/28/2014.  First 40 get a free lmtd cassette.

Ceschi Ramos (Fake Four, Inc.)
l o o m (Obscure Me Records)
Tick Hive (Florida=Death, Erotic Mange)
Hosted by SPLNSHNTS:
Parlay Droner (FilthyBroke Recordings, AMOD Records)
MJC (FilthyBroke Recordings, Fremdtunes NTHLNDS, Greta Cottage Workshop UK, Wolf+Lamb Brooklyn, Blah....)


* Next, #FBR003.  We are about 19 months old, but this is only our third physical release.  We were waiting for this gentleman to finally succumb, and he fucking delivered.  WALTER GROSS!  It's a beast of a side, split-cassette w/ Morbidly-O-Beats.  Early 2015, but peep:
Also, peep this older vid of his...  All him, he does everything...

* 1/7/2015 it looks like a new weekly is starting.  Gonna test things out, have some fun, great venue here in Providence!
UNWIND Wednesdays @ Dusk... FREE
This is about lounging, staying warm, having a cocktail & chilling out...  Background music and vibes by FBR :-)

Hoot continues to play shows up and down the West Coast, M.O.B. and Sludge Factory were SYFFAL's Bandcamp Artist of the Week, MJC was interviewed both by SYFFAL and ugsmag...
Interviews... //

Finally, #SPLNSHNTS (Parlay n MJC) dropped a teaser EP digi-steeeez...  Full LP Demo getting ready to shop around to better labels than us soon!  Peep!
Thank You All//FBR

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy December//News

Finally made it back East and our event at Aurora Providence starts on 12/28/2014.
Amazing space and sound, great friendly people, lovely and chill vibe, killer bar and drinks, SUBS...
New EP by SPLNSHNTS just dropped via the new offshoot FBD, FilthyBroke Digital.
Glasseating music by Parlay Droner and MJC, LP demo almost done...

FBR003, our third physical release, almost complete.  The incredible Walter Gross will finally grace the side of an FBR cassette (FINALLY, we love him alot and feel very fortunate)... and none other than Morbidly-O-Beats will be on the flip...

ALL OF ARE RELEASES IN DIGITAL FORMAT ARE FREE/PAY WHAT YOU'D LIKE on Bandcamp.  Except for FBD002, which costs less than a beer.  Have at it, download away :-)

New Englanders, Please Save the Date of 12/28!!!  Should be a fun way to end this crazy year.  XO

Friday, October 10, 2014

Thanks!! FilthyBroke Fest One Was Great...

At the warehouse/art space Superposition we all convened.  In Meriden, CT.  Three walls of the space were fully set up, thus a "Round Robin" of basically non-stop music.  All of the acts' gear, being able to be set up and sound-checked simultaneously, made for a cool and spontaneous vibe.  Details on the next event soon, our third :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Next Show, All 12"s and Cassettes Will Be Available... FILTHYBROKE FEST #1 in CT!!!

Hit the above link for the ever-evolving party/line-up, WAREHOUSE style...
Close to New England folks and NYC heads...

Ceschi Ramos, Walter Gross, Morbidly-O-Beats, Parlay Droner, Florida=Death, Tick Hive, SPLNSHNTS, MJC, so much more....

Friday, August 29, 2014

Upcoming Dates!!!

Also, FBR FEST #1 10/3 in CT:

For our merch and music, just scroll :-)